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Thunder Bay Marathon - Miles with the Giant

Presented by: Tbaytel The City of Thunder Bay

Dick Beardsley to attend First Annual Thunder Bay Marathon


Dick Beardsley to attend First Annual Thunder Bay Marathon-MILES WITH THE GIANT in September 2010

"Congratulations Thunder Bay! I'm so excited for your new Marathon, Half Marathon and 5k taking place in September 2010! I have made many friends in Thunder Bay over the years and I so look forward to coming back to run your race and see old friends in a first class city that I know will put on a world class event!"


Dick Beardsley is referred to as a running legend in the United States, but perhaps the most amazing thing about him is his climb back to health after becoming addicted to pain medication for more than four years.

Dick is best known for his incredible race in the 1982 Boston Marathon.  That race, on a very hot day, was dubbed the "Duel in the Sun" as he battled world record holder Alberto Salazar down to the finish line.  Both broke the American record:  Salazar won in a record time of 2:08:51, Beardsley’s time was 2:08:53!  He was at the height of his professional running career.

Then tragedy struck in November 1989.  While using an auger to lift corn into a bin on his Minnesota farm, Dick became entangled in the machine; it began to literally tear him apart.  Not expected to live or walk—much less ever run again—he managed to survive.

But that was just the first of a series of events that would forever change his life.  During the next few years, Dick was involved in a severe car accident, later he was hit by a truck while running, later still, he rolled his vehicle in a snowstorm, and finally while hiking one day, the ground gave out and he fell off a cliff!  Each time he ended up in the hospital and had multiple surgeries to try and put him back together.
Due to all the large amount of pain medication he was taking, he became addicted—and that's when his life really started to spiral out of control.  It has been a long and difficult road back, but Dick has been celebrating every day of his sobriety since February 12, 1997. 

In 2007, after living in Minnesota for 51 years, Dick moved to Austin, Texas and got re-married to Jill, and in addition to his son Andrew, he adds to his family, two more children, Christopher and Matthew and a lot more pets.

In January of 2009, Dick had a total knee replacement.  Dick, not only is still running, but Dick maintains his active lifestyle by adding biking and swimming to his routine. 
In 2002, he authored a book called "Staying the Course:  A Runner’s Toughest Race." 

Dick Beardsley is a much sought after Motivational/Inspirational speaker, speaking to audiences from school children, running events, to large corporations, and everything in between.

If you would like more information or would like to book Dick as a speaker, please contact Jill Beardsley, or call 512-689-7828.

Dick also has a marathon camp and numerous high school running camps.  In the spring of 2007 the Dick Beardsley Running Company in Fargo, North Dakota was opened.

In October 2007, the Dick Beardsley Foundation was established to help individuals who cannot afford treatment for chemical dependency.  The work of the Foundation allows Dick to travel around the country, talking to and educating children about living active, healthy lifestyles, and being chemically free. 

For more information about Dick or the Dick Beardsley Foundation, please go to

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